Diameters: GRANITE 11,2-10,5-8-7-6 mm MARBLE AND STONES: 11-10,5-10-9-8 mm MARBLE AND STONES – ELECTROPLATED: 10-9-8-6 mm The diamond wire is a cable of 5 or 8 mm in diameter that presents small cylinders of steel to which have been applied on the surface diamond powder. It was invented by Louis […]

Diamond Wire for Marble, Granite, Stones.

Electroplated beads They are used in the cuts in the cylinder bank, in squaring blocks of marble, for shaping machines and construction. Electroplated beads are produced in various diameters from 8.2 mm , 10.2 mm., 11.2 mm. with diamond bands by 5.5 mm. and 6.5 mm .. SINTERED Beads They […]

Diamant Beads

The Widia, also called hard metal (cemented carbide, Carboloy), is a material used in mechanical machining consisting of hard particles of tungsten carbide embedded in a metallic matrix (typically cobalt). It is produced through a process called “sintering”, that is:fine powders of the components are mixed, pressed and then heated […]

Widia Components