Diamond Wire for Marble, Granite, Stones.


  • GRANITE 11,2-10,5-8-7-6 mm
  • MARBLE AND STONES: 11-10,5-10-9-8 mm

The diamond wire is a cable of 5 or 8 mm in diameter that presents small cylinders of steel to which have been applied on the surface diamond powder.
It was invented by Louis Madrigali (1932-2006), inventor of the first diamond wire machine and then the water pillows, but later it has spread the use for the application on other materials such as concrete.

Its development has been stimulated by the problems presented by the use of classic abrasive and the search for improvement of these substances, released on the wire while cutting.
It is therefore thought of a solution that would lead to the union between the wire and the abrasive and that it was able to use the hardest known material, the diamond.