Accessories and equipment for quarries

We have the best equipment and accessories for quarries: pillows, wreaths, wedges, rubbers for flywheels, foils, shears, etc … both from experience that a careful evaluation of the results from hundreds of customers.

Hydro cushion

Weighing just 10 kg (size 100 x 100 cm) are easily transportable; The practical quick-connect compact size fits easily in the diamond wire cutting; each unit feeds most retractors cushions simultaneously, thus multiplying the strength of excavation; the strict random testing they undergo guarantee the high reliability; operation with water instead of air guarantees of job security, being excluded the possibility of sudden outbreak. The use of water makes it totally environmentally friendly. The 4 dimensions available are: 70 x 70 cm, 100 x 50 cm, 100 cm x 100, 150 x 150 cm, its use is allowed in every peculiar situation.


All kinds of accessories concerning the diamond wire is part of our production range, in fact, we have a high production capacity keeping in balance our main purpose: Quality.

Hydraulic drill Fab Dth 250

Versatile and very quick it can drill on a medium hard marble using little pressure (one meter in 4 minutes).
It can be used for both marble and granite.
Dual control of hydraulics, or MARBLE GRANITE, which allows maximum performance with an optimized consumption. Hydraulic system with large tank, prevents the oil from overheating, avoiding the interruption of production. The hydraulic rotation of the machine allows the hammer to take up and the perforating hammer size without the effort of a single person. A lubricant conduit protects the mechanical parts of the hammer and it favors the elongation in terms of durability (life). In vertical cutting movements controlled at all times they make the correct pressure without undergoing the influence of the weight of the hammer.

Oleo dynamic pushing unit

The hydraulic jacks Mod. FF1000 indispensable for the cultivation of marble’s quarries solves every problem of displacement and therefore tilting of large boulders and cylinder banks. The system is produced in 4 versions to meet different needs: all extremely robust and compact therefore easily transportable. The Mod. FF1000 delivers a thrust of 300 tons with two hydraulic jacks 120 mm stroke; the system is composed of a hydraulic power unit that delivers an operating pressure of 700 bar, and by three, two or more hydraulic jacks with different races.