Fabrimar Diamond Wire

Diamond wire: Fabrimar Italia has got a wide range of products for cutting marble, granite, stone, concrete and iron in order to satisfy your cutting needs.

Our production is carried out with the following plants:

  • isostatic HIP furnaces to 3,000 BAR
  • sintering with graphite mold 300 BAR
  • sinter free
  • free sint in controlled atmosphere

The standard production is divided as follows:

  • Granites: Ø 11,2 – 8 – 7.2 mm HIP.
  • Marbles and stones: Ø 9 to 10.5 – 11 mm of sintered sinister-free free-sint.
  • Marbles and stones: Ø 10 – 8 – 6 mm electroplated.
  • Concrete: Ø 10 mm electroplated.
  • Iron: Ø 10 mm electroplated.

With the sale of the product the company provides the Maintenance Manual with indications of use and the offered guarantees.